The Ustin's Wedding
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By Photography by Linda
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I loved these guys from the moment we had our phone consultation.  We had that wonderful chemistry that I just knew would result in amazing photographs and a fun, creative wedding photography experience.  They were committed to do whatever it took to ensure their photos were awesome!  I believe we got the job done and then some.  You might wonder how a couple could possibly hire a wedding photographer for 9 hours when they had 24 guests.  Well, enter Justin and Dustin - "The Ustin's".    Laurie Mantegari from Everyday Details was on deck to tie all of Justin and Dustin's wedding day dreams together.  And as always, she rocked the job!    

I have to pull out every adjective I know when it comes to how this group of 24 felt about each other.  The love and joy was just pouring out of every family member and every friend that attended.  And they were all enthralled with our NH Seacoast - something I think we take for granted.  And these family and friends knew how to celebrate - toasts from each of them - multitudes of photos with each and all of them and the dance floor was packed as though there were 100 guests there - super fun.   Can I dare divulge that it was pant-splitting fun on the dance floor?  

Congratulations to two amazing men.  Your love is beautiful and it was an honor to create these very special wedding day memories.

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