Summer + Fall Family Portraits in NH, ME & MA
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Sunday, September 09, 2018
By Photography by Linda
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With the cooler New England weather sneaking it's way into our lives, I feel an excitement about the changing seasons.   I am blessed to be able to photograph families in 3 states - New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.   A beautiful park in Andover, MA, Old Orchard Beach in Maine and beach portraits at the north end of Hampton Beach, NH - all different, all beautiful and very meaningful settings for these 3 families.  Why am I drawn to these 3 families?  Because they all have older children and they took the time and effort to celebrate this moment in time with a photo shoot.  Each of them chose a location that was special to them.   

My Maine family had been longing to have a beach property for years and this past year they were finally able to make the investment.  The beach was just steps from their beautiful new condo and the Old Orchard Beach dock was a favorite spot.   I am drawn to a portrait style that is a bit on the Vanity Fair-ish side - with the subjects more spread out.  Especially with older children.  I actually had a story in mind when I placed this family under the dock.  With the older siblings a little bit separated, I felt that it showed their independence and gave them a chance to express their own style.  With mom and dad in the middle, holding their tiny daughter's hands, it told the story of this newest little girl's place in the family.  The young girl gravitated to stand by her big brother, showing just the first signs of being a little lady with a pose that she might have seen on TV.  

The Hampton Beach portrait - equally special location to this family.  3 beautiful daughters all in, or heading off to college and a family portrait that was so incredibly important to this mom.  The coordination of clothing, and the special choice of a rustic beach-y shack backdrop - everything planned with purpose = portrait success!  

And lastly, in Andover, MA in a park across the street from their home - a special place where they have all spent time, played and had family time - this beautiful fall park scene and the inclusion of their beloved dog, along with clothing coordination - again = portrait success!

It's a lot easier to coordinate family pictures with younger children.  I admire these families for making time in their busy lives to slow down and allow this magic to happen.  We all know life is so fleeting and precious and it is an honor to be able to capture these moments.  


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