Hammond Castle, Gloucester, MA Wedding
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Saturday, July 07, 2018
By Photography by Linda
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After the unique and fun engagement session that I did for Molly and Nathan - check out that blog post here:  Molly and Nathan's E-SESH, I couldn't wait for this Fall Castle Wedding in Gloucester, MA.   Here is their story:
Molly and Nathan are transplants to Massachusetts from Minnesota. Having long been drawn to the history and landscape of the East Coast, Nathan applied to a job on a whim, Molly shortly after, and within several months they packed their cars with belongings and cats and headed for Salem, MA.
They had only been engaged a few months before their move, so it was quite a leap of faith to move across the country and try to plan a wedding in a completely new area. Originally, they were going to hold their wedding in New Orleans, where they got engaged, but the moment they set foot inside of the Hammond Castle, there was no turning back. The energy, architecture, and story of the castle truly resonated with them. 
Molly and Nathan are both Paranormal Investigators, in fact it's how they met! After learning that the builder of the Castle, John Hammond, had many esoteric interests including Spiritualism and Seances, which he performed in the grand hall, they knew it couldn't be any where else. 
Molly wore an elegant, custom-made red gown as both a homage to the Castle as well as her brilliant red hair and Victorian aesthetic. Nathan is a Freemason, and they decided to incorporate Masonic ritual into the ceremony.    A few of these rituals include incense burning, forming a dome of steel with swords, tying a rope/ribbon of unity around the couple, the bride and groom holding a rod of unity, and a wine and water ceremony.  
They received special dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to perform the ritual, something that, to their knowledge, had not been done before. It was performed by members of Nathan's Lodge, one of which was the officiant.  
In addition to the ritual, they arranged for the Fellswater Celtic Ensemble to play and had a beautiful black cake with edible roses made by Cassis Bakery.   
The rich, ruby red florals were created by Currans Flowers in Danvers, MA.  
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