Authentic Wedding Photography for the Modern Couple

Grateful for this love note . . . 

here's what Heather said:  "Linda is awesome! What more can I say? She was EVERYWHERE without you even knowing it! I can't believe how much she captured! And the pictures (all 744 of them) were beautiful. Her eye for detail was amazing. I can't believe some of the pictures she took of us- they could be in a wedding magazine! She also was so professional and caring- not only did she make sure she captured all of my "must have photos", but she also approached my parents and asked them if there was anything they wanted, too. She was so approachable and flexible, but still professional, and made the whole process fun! She was easy to contact. I honestly loved her from the moment I met her and knew she was the right photographer for us- and she was! Thank-you Linda for helping to make our wedding amazing!"

Getting to know Linda . . .

I've been told I am an empath.  I feel the emotions of everyone around me.  So when wedding photography found me 20 years ago, I had to say "I Do".   And since then I've been creating magic for my couples.  Knowing what they are feeling, knowing where to be and knowing that perfect moment to press the shutter has been a gift.  Even after photographing over a thousand weddings and events, I feel new passion and excitement for each and every one of the wedding stories that I have the honor of telling through the eyes of my camera.   

If I am lucky to work with you, you will find me super patient and chill.  I've got this and I'm here for you.  I can be at your side, creating and directing a super fun and natural wedding day shoot, or I can document your day as it unfolds in a most natural, emotion filled, joyful way -- or a little bit of both.  

What do I do when I don't have a camera in my hand?  I am an avid lover of fitness.  I teach yoga and pilates, but I've taught every kind of fitness class out there from kickboxing to zumba.  I love everything coffee, including coffee ice cream - mocha anything and everything.  The ocean is my happy place and my husband is right up there too.   

That first moment when your dad sees you in your dress, or takes your hand and walks you to the dance floor - it's going to bring some tears - I'm not going to lie.  When they play the wedding march and you start your descent, I will take a big deep breath behind my camera.  I'm in love with love and I look forward to sharing my gifts to create magic on your wedding day.  


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